Sopotnica Waterfalls

As you approach the waterfalls on the river Sopotnica, you will see absolutely no hint of the splendid natural treasure you are about to discover. On the narrow dirt road, which can only be traversed on foot, you will hear the mighty hum of the Sopotnica beckoning you, eager to present to you its waterfalls in all their glory.

Sopotnica Waterfalls, situated on the slopes of Jadovnik mountain in Southwestern Serbia, are caused by а vertical drop in the course of the river Sopotnica as it races its way to the mountain’s base. The river itself is formed by several permanent and intermittent springs; after a stretch where all water follows the same course, it branches again creating separate watercourses that race down the mountain’s sides, each branch with its own waterfalls.
The river’s course is dotted with windmills, which were once used for grinding grains and milling broadcloth, while today they are frequented by visitors who are out to relax and enjoy nature. The stone and wood material used in their construction, as well as the old hearths, tools and millstones, bear witness to a way of life that flourished here just a century ago.
The water of the Sopotnica is clear and drinkable, but also very cold. The stones that flank the water’s course were used as construction material for local houses in the olden days and were also sourced for the construction of Mileševa monastery in the 13th century.