Bogovina Cave

Bogovina cave is situated in Eastern Serbia, in the area of Bogovina village on the slopes of South Kučaj mountain. With an explored length of 6 kilometres, it is one of the longest caves in Serbia.

On a guided tour of its long halls, you will pass through three types of canals. The upper floor of the cave, known as the “High Canal”, is completely dry, while the lower floor, which includes the “Disappearing Stream Canal”, is distinguished by its water stream which runs through it all year long.
Deeper sections of Bogovina cave are laid out in glittering cave formations in a myriad of colours, the most striking of which are the numerous cave figures and the fantastic wealth of stalactites which descend from the ceiling, creating a fairy tale-like atmosphere.
This cave is also filled with interesting creatures. Its depths are home to an endemic land shrimp, as well as the rare and curiously named subtroglophile insect, which lives in the dark.
There are several interesting landmarks near the cave. The famous spa and wellness resort of Sokobanja is nearby, offering relaxation and enjoyment in clean air, hot springs, hydromassage, a sauna and many other relaxing amenities.
For a taste of classical antiquity, visit the remains of the Roman palace Felix Romuliana, built in the 4th Century CE. If you wish to continue your exploration of the subterranean world, you can visit the nearby Zlot caves and Lazar’s cave.