Bač Fortress

“Water town”, a fortress surrounded by a river, which one could access using drawbridges.It was designed to defend the flat, swampy area that surrounds it.

Bač was once a famous town, which the entire large fertile plain between the Danube and Tisa, Bačka, was named after. In various historical periods, the territory of the municipality of Bač was attacked by a whole range of peoples, cultures and civilizations, leaving traces at every step. During the construction of Bač, the remains of an old civilization were found, originating from the younger Stone Age.

The fortress in Bač is the most significant and best-preserved medieval fortification in Vojvodina. It was built in the mid-14th century in a meander of the river Mostonga, which dried up. Bač is a type of water town, surrounded by the river on all sides, which one could access using drawbridges.

The base of the fortification is adapted to the terrain, with an entirely irregular quadrangular shape. It had circular or square towers at the corners. The main tower in the courtyard is one of the finest examples of a late medieval keep in this part of Europe. The town was burned and abandoned in the early 18th century.

Today, the fortress is open to visitors and hosts European Heritage Days, exhibitions and folklore concerts.

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