Imperial city


Not far from Niš, stands Mediana, a classy Ancient suburb whose remains still testify the wealth and glory of the Imperial city of Naissus. Built in the beginning of the 4th century AD, at the time of Constantine the Great, it served as the residence of the Roman emperors during their visits to Naissus.
The archaeological site of Mediana comprizes the complex of a Roman villa with peristyle, decorated with floor mosaics of great artistic value, the wheat storage or horeum, and the remains of two Early Christian churches from the 4th century, with a mosaic on which is shown the monogram of Christ.

medijana muzej nis

The Jelašnička Klisura Gorge

The Jelašnička Klisura Gorge is a unique natural monument located near Niška Banja. So, when in Niš, do not miss the opportunity to visit this Nature reserve, whose almost unreal beauty opens a completely different dimension for you.
Number of places for picnics, a marked path for hiking and a freeclimbing area on a natural rock, can turn your visit to the gorge into a real adventure.

The Suva Planina mountain

This mountain that the distinguished Serbian geographer Jovan Cvijić called the Alps of Southern Serbia is situated only 20 kilometers from downtown Niš. Due to the lack of water springs on the mountain summits, it was called Suva Planina – the dry mountain. It’s favorite among hikers, rock climbers and extreme sports athletes that often use the paths to climb to its highest peaks: Trem, Sokolov Kamen and the rocky Mosor.