We know that Serbia is rich in flavors, traditional recipes and autochthonous dishes. However, do we know how to recognize and classify these dishes, recipes and flavors?

A special gastronomic guide for all guests of Serbia, but also domestic tourists who enjoy a good bite, is being prepared by the renowned gastronomic guide Gault & Millau. This spring, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia will present  the first Gault & Millau guide in both English and Serbian.


Recipes that are familiar to you, dishes that you have certainly tried will become even tastier and more desirable. This guide will impartially show which restaurant, winery, farm or grill house deserves to be praised, and which chef deserves to receive one or more chef hats.

The winners of that recognition, according to the experiences from the countries where this guide has been published for decades, are encouraged to improve their skills, and others to reach the quality worthy of a hat.


What makes "Go Mijo" stand out is that, in addition to elite restaurants, it also presents kafana, pastry shops, cafes - places with great offer at affordable prices.

This spring is the right time to experience the best flavors of Serbia.


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