My village, the most beautiful in the world

Not many people needed the confirmation of the World Tourism Organization to know that Serbia has the most beautiful villages in the world. However, some needed encouragement to taste the enjoyment of the rural ambience, to get to know the charms of rural tourism and learn how life used to be.

During the pandemic, rural households showed all the cordiality and hospitality that tourists know how to appreciate and for which they gladly return. In 2022 as well, many will use the potential, improve their offer, listen to the wishes of guests and prepare a holiday to remember.

For many, a rural winter idyll cannot even be compared to the most beautiful tourist landscapes. Cottages covered with snow, warm rooms and ambience heated and scented with the most beautiful gastronomic specialities. As well as the heart-melting kindness of the hosts that paves the way for a new visit and another enjoyment in a relaxing environment.

Whether you are being relaxed by the warmth of the farm or a mountain walk in the snow. Whether you like a remote household or a more lively village. You can experience perfect winter mornings with a view of the river or the forest and the smell of cornbread and kajmak in one of the villages of Šumadija region, Zlatibor or Rudnik mountains, on peaceful farms in Vojvodina region or in southern villages with a slightly warmer temperament.

In 2022, choose with your heart, choose a holiday in the countryside.

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