Whether taking a boat ride along Sava or driving east of Belgrade, after about 90 km one will reach Šabac. When approaching it from the water, you will be welcomed by the old walls which once proudly defended the town.

This fortress originating from the end of the 15th century is about one km from the center and will provide a great set for a lovely day. Right after a short trip back in time, you can enjoy the town's beach nearby. The favorite Šabac inhabitants' getaway is a place to unwind next to the old and new.

Take a walk through the center since there are numerous interesting buildings to see. The town which was the first to install windows on its houses and introduce a pool game in Serbia is also adorned by a building of an old school where the National Museum has been situated for more than half of a century. This is the place to find the ethnological collection with the interior of an old house.

Spend a weekend in Šabac because you can head over to Cer the next day. The mountain is located about 30 km from Šabac and will reveal important places related to WWI. Enjoy the natural environment dotted by medieval monasteries.

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