One can't help but notice colorful "parachutes" above the mild Zlatibor hills or the distinctive Vršac Tower that intercept the greenery and gray tones of the old walls. These are paragliding enthusiasts bringing you a fresh experience in several locations in Serbia.


You may have visited Rajac during its mowing festival in July but seize the opportunity now to fly up to the sky in the fine May weather. The starting point is ideal for beginners and will welcome you with its north and northwest breeze while you will go up accompanied by an experienced flyer.

If you prefer plains, don't miss the paragliding flight from Titelski Breg. The view stretches along Vojvodina fields over Carska Bara and the confluence of the Tisa and the Danube. This is where a 500-meter altitude will be achieved by a car pull unlike a hill's descent.

Did you know that paragliding is an ideal activity for everyday stress relief? Fly with an instructor or on your own if you are among experienced flyers, and come back rejuvenated and proud.

Experience paragliding in Serbia!


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