Imagine visiting Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad and being invited to go down to the old catacombs. What you will find there? A Space ship!

svemirski muzej novi sad

Novi Sad is now home to a new museum like no other in the whole world: The Space Museum. This is the only place to be able to praise that you took and “just came back” from your galactic journey or saw the Universe “firsthand”. The museum that is not just a collection of artefacts will make you experience a simulation of being inside a space ship, like stepping inside the Star Wars. You will be able to send a friendly message to Space… In case someone is listening on the other side.

All of us who were always looking up at the starry sky but never had time to find out more, will be able to daydream and ask everything we wanted to know about astronomy. There are replicas of rockets and satellites used throughout history of astronautics…

Who would have thought you would discover so much when you only came to take a photo next to the Drunken Clock for Instagram!

svemirski muzej novi sad

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