You might not be a fan of museums but this one is hard to miss. Welcome to the Museum of the Paranormal in midst of the modern Serbian capital.

Being unique in the world, this museum will take you through haunted houses, enchanted forests, and intriguing places. The stories here do not solely originate from our region but represent documented experiences throughout the world which gives an additional charm to the museum making visitors able to relate to tales from their countries.

muzej paranormalnog beograd

Dare to walk along the corridors that will take you to a parallel world. Find out more about the Vlach Magic or peek into old inscriptions. You will be intrigued by the life stories of the famous seers and the history of fortune-telling and prophecies. You will bore your friends in the following days with the stories you couldn’t explain.

When you meet Belgrade through its traffic jams, authentic night life, or modern theater, take a peek into the Corner for the Brave and spend time with witches and supernatural forces. It will be a fresh and alternative experience of the capital, and a chance – to wonder.

muzej paranormalnog beograd

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