Situated in the southernmost part of Serbia about 45 km from North Macedonia and 80 km from Bulgaria, a town Vranje with special attractions awaits.

vranje bora stanković

Do you know that this is where the famous Serbian writer Bora Stanković was born? Not only will you be able to visit the house that dates back to the mid-19th century but it is located in a street named after Stanković's grandmother.

Personal belongings of the author of Koštana and Impure Blood novels can still be seen in the house while its cobblestone backyard holds an old mulberry tree and a well.

Another step back in history at the local White Bridge awaits you. The tragic Vranje love story says that once upon a time an Ottoman Bey's daughter Ajša fell in love with a Serbian shepherd. Her father who opposed the relationship found them together and tried to kill the boy. Ajša protected Stojan and took a bullet instead while Bey fired his gun one more time and killed him. The bridge was her last wish and is now called the Bridge of Love.


On the outskirts of Vranje, one can see one of the oldest churches in Serbia which were built by the 11th-century Byzantine tzar but also Markovo Kale. The latter is the medieval fortification that is believed to be constructed by Tzar Justinian I in the 4th century and was famed for the fact that Kraljević Marko lived here.

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