A city quarter awaits only 90 km from Belgrade which will take you back into the 19th century. The famous Valjevo settlement got its name after the squeezed area it inhabits, between the hill slope and Kolubara bank.

The part of the city that was home to 100 traditional stores in 1826 which rapidly multiplied, represents a jewel where even now one seems to hear old vendors of the salep drink in the morning or is overwhelmed by the hot ćevapi scent at dusk. Young girls and boys were taking a walk along the cobblestone alley while locals set in front of the houses chatting.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the typical architecture of the old stores populated by potters, shoemakers, waxers, lycider makers, dyers, etc. You can still have a haircut at the local barber shop and try delicacies at old restaurants.

Leave some time for an excursion since Valjevo is surrounded by great natural beauty. Let us just mention Divčibare, the mountain closest to the capital that is always well-visited, or Taorska Vrela where besides its famous slopes, you can see a few old water mills.

When you get back to Tešnjar, try not to forget that Serbian leaders were killed nearby in an event that stirred up the First Serbian Uprising - just there, on the opposite side of the settlement!

valjevo tešnjar

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