Are you thinking about getting away for a weekend somewhere with a few interesting things to see and surrounded by nature at the same time? Go for a trip to Kruševac. The city which is situated about 200 km from Belgrade, offers enough things to do to make you relax after a hard working week and animate all the family members.

oark minijatura

Make sure to climb to Bagdala, the hill above the city that is traditionally visited by couples, artists, and sportsmen. Not only does its name translated from Turkish mean 'a divine view' but it is also home to the Miniature Park. It is shaped like the state of Serbia, adorned with five rivers and 10 cities, and displayed as an exhibition of the famous Serbian monasteries' models. One can also find Slobodište Memorial Complex where the concentration camp was located during WWII on the slopes of Bagdala.

Take your kids for an exploring adventure in Šarengrad which is home to 20 replicas of dynosaurs or a ride to the most forested mountain in this part of the Balkans. You will love the view of local birch trees in Jastrebac while children will have fun at the adventure park.

When was the last time you took your family for a light walk through the woods?


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