We are taking you to the old capital of Serbia, the place where Prince Miloš Obrenović's residence was situated, where the First Serbian Constitution (better known as the Sretenje Constitution) was adopted, where the first high school in Serbia started to work, the first theater, pharmacy, where the first Serbian newspapers were published, etc.


If you still haven't figured out which town we have in mind, make sure to plan a visit to Kragujevac and its Miloš's Wreath this spring.

Indeed, the residances of Prince Miloš and Princess Ljubica can no longer be seen but there is the so-called Amidžin Konak within the former royal complex which belonged to the court manager and Obrenović's right hand. Its Balkan-Oriental style which also adorned the rest of the buildings, will give you an insight into the complex long gone.

The church built by Prince Miloš stood out for centuries and there is a building nearby where the old assembly held sessions. It is interesting to know that the bell tower of the Old Church was designed by the same architect who later came up with the idea for the National Assembly in Belgrade.

Did you know that within the Old Foundry in Kragujevac, the first electric light bowl in Serbia was switched on?


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