If you are interested in how our famous scientist who was also the first Serbian to get a Ph.D. at the Vienna Technology Institute - reconciled the length of the calendar and the astronomical year, stop by the Science and Technology Museum in Belgrade. The exhibition which is available until the end of March marks the whole century since the Julian Calendar reform by Milutin Milanković was approved in Constantinople in 1923.

The setting based on the archive documents and personal items, will get you familiar with the event that is regarded as the revolutionary crossroad when it comes to the calendar that is used by the whole world. Find out why Milanković's calendar was the most precise and how this renowned scientist famous for the ice age theory reformed the Gregorian and Julian calendars.


Learn about the famous mathematician, astronomist, geophysicist, and climatologist who is believed to be a founder of the science of the mathematical climate and the celestial mechanics department at Belgrade University - through the story of his childhood and numerous patents.

Try to understand why his great calendar reform which was adopted 100 years ago - was never applied!

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