The festival which was marked at the beginning of March by the arrival of a man best known as a magician of a kaleidoscope of talents, suggested that it will become the main event of the month. The Yoann Bourgeois installations that were placed along the two stories of the Balkan cinema which allowed a hundred people to come in at the time, brought us into the world Serbia seldom experienced. There were spinning platforms and a dancer walking on a giant ball. The world-renowned artist who collaborates with Louis Vuitton among others, is also famous for its Louvre installation where dancers were constantly falling.

beogradski festival igre

This was only the introduction to the festival which brought the magic of the Tuscany ballet and the red slippers fairytale to Belgrade, along with the skills of the pantomime artist from the Czech Republic, guests from 14 countries, and more than 30 choreographic performances.

Be among the 20,000 people who visit the Belgrade Dance Festival every year because this is the chance to see the highest dance accomplishments and artists we seldom have the opportunity to admire in the region.

The absolute hit was the play Skid, the tilted performance where dancing moves were pulled by gravity itself - just imagine!

beogradski festival igre

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