The specialty related not only to Zlatibor and West Serbia where it originated from but became a mandatory ingredient of the Serbian table in general, has a crucial role at the festival in February once again.

You might not know that pršuta was discovered out of necessity in these parts since the mountain villagers took care of cattle and provided meat but had to find a way to store it during winter when fresh food was not available. That is why they came up with olden ways of drying meat - and pršuta was born.


What was once a necessity became a celebration for all senses! Bright and dark thin slices of dry beef or pork meat that spread the adorable salty scent of the smoked delicacy will make your mouth water. Pršuta just invites you to try it!

Where better to get to know this Serbian specialty, if not right there in the Zlatibor village of Mačkat where meat is still dried as it was a couple of centuries ago, at a perfect altitude? Pršuta is so delicious that the village honored it with its own festival - Pršutijada!

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