The National Library of Serbia which is related to great Serbian names, is celebrating its birthday on February 28 and will take you to the cultural aspects of old Serbia.

A diplomat and journalist Dimitrije Davidović wrote to Prince Miloš Obrenović about the opening of the institution in 1832 which was then settled next to the Belgrade Cathedral. The great Đura Daničić who is renowned for taming the national language, suggested it should be named the National Library, and that is how this Serbian institution situated at the Karađorđe Square opposite the Saint Sava Temple today began its life.

Even though it was burned to the ground when situated in Konsančićev Venac, the Serbian National Library survived for almost two centuries cherishing the cultural tradition of the nation. This is why high officials and public figures are hosted on its special day.

Celebrating 192 years of its existence, this great establishment will once again organize an interesting cultural event that all the National Library visitors can enjoy who come here during the rest of the year "only" for its books.

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