An event that wakes Belgrade up in the true sense of the word, and has been doing so for decades, the International Film Festival better known as FEST will once again welcome you with great movies from around the globe, numerous film lovers, and a piece of the glamorous atmosphere that follows what is considered the seventh art.

filmski festival fest 52

Not only will the movie hits arrive in Serbian capital but the films are often the ones that are nominated for the American Oscar award. This is a genuine experience that will take you to see the movie on the big screen in Belgrade and find out afterward that it got the Best Director or the Best Actress award at the beginning of March.

Another enjoyment of FEST is that the festival showcases movies from around the world that are usually not on the regular cinema repertoire making this a great opportunity to see them in Serbia. Immerse yourself in great movie frames from Latin America, Iran, China, France, Israel, Russia, Turkey, etc. and share the excitement with the full theater. After all, this is the special period of ten days during which the cinema projectors run 24 hours a day throughout Belgrade theaters!

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