If you are among those who like planning their vacation, don't miss the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade. The biggest exhibition of tourism in the region which takes place this year from February 22 to 25 and traditionally offers a great range of destinations and discounts, will transport you instantly to some distant and warmer parts of the world.

Although the summer is still far, the season when most people travel, this is still the right time to warm up your winter days a little, even if only in your imagination. Choose if you would rather take a trip with your family, visit exotic places, meet European cities, go hiking, or indulge in a spa weekend. "The adventure begins here", says this year's fair slogan. Why wouldn't you begin yours there as well?

sajam turizma

Not only will you be allured by posters of palm trees, dances, and customs of the worldwide remote destinations, along with a special section dedicated to all the beautiful attractions you can see in Serbia, but the Tourism Fair will also bring interesting presentations and degustations. This is a great opportunity to meet the diverse cultures of the world in the heart of Belgrade!

sajam turizma

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