Like on every last weekend in January, Pirot will welcome you this year with a great specialty not to be found anywhere else in Serbia. Gastronomy lovers wait for this event for weeks because this is a great opportunity to see an array of local produce and try a unique sausage.

Welcome to the Pirot's Peglana Kobasica Fair!

peglana kobasica pirot

Pirot is well known as an interesting gastronomic center where one can try the great cheeses and delicacies of the so-called Stara Planina Table. If you visited earlier, you know about the palette of mouth-watering scents and tastes that are to be found at the fair. Notice a line of stalls with numerous sausages that look like pressed horseshoes hanging on both sides of the passage - a site to be seen only in Pirot.

Remember that Peglana Kobasica (literally: ironed sausage) has no artificial colors nor additives, is not thermally processed nor smoked, and is energetically strong enough to be referred to as the Pirot Viagra by the locals.

peglana kobasica pirot

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