There are places in west Serbia that are traditionally the coldest in the country. The area where the temperature was once as low as minus 39.5 degrees has specific geographical properties and will provide a special experience whether you are a snow lover or Nordic skiing enthusiast.

nordijsko skijanje

Pešter Plateau near Sjenica is referred to as Serbian Siberia and stretches along an altitude of 1,000 meters. You will get the feeling of being able to touch the clouds that are lingering above the valley and when the wind blows and snow falls, there could be days before anyone passes through snowdrifts. This feeling of isolation is hard to find anywhere else nowadays.

How to enjoy the snow? You will go skiing. The nearby Žari Ski Center is not just a wintry paradise but the only Nordic skiing and Biatlon center in the region. This is where the most important national and regional competitions take place.

Imagine a landscape that is less commercial than other ski centers in Serbia and therefore more abundant in unspoiled nature, put on your skis, look around, and you will know that this time you really did escape the modern bustle.

nordijsko skijanje

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