Some tastes stay associated with Serbia in your brain after the first bite. Some of them are considered exceptional delicacies and thus became real tourist attractions.

  • For instance, take ajvar. This traditional spread (or a salad) made of paprika has a full creamy taste which gives an extra edge to scrambled eggs of dark yellow domestic yolks and goes well with the traditional white cheese.


  • When kajmak is mentioned, you can immediately sense freshly baked bread, just taken out of the oven, or kačamak boiling in the pot. Some will long for a portion of ćevapi topped with kajmak that melts down.


  • Do you know what “peglana kobasica” (ironed sausage) is or that it is made of “lean” varieties of meat? It is also referred to as “a bohemian horseshoe” in Pirot.

peglana kobasica

  • Whether you decide on trying honey made of acacia, linden, sunflower, or meadow or forest flowers, just remember that every product refers to the special natural conditions the bees inhabit. This is the reason why Serbian honey is one of a kind showcasing local aromas.


  • A plum is a fruit that various treats are made of, from rakija to dishes and sweets. One just has to try šljivovica drink in Serbia but also a plum jam or compote. Did you know that dried plum is an ideal addition to the cabbage dish called podvarak?


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