If you want to get to know Serbia through its unique specialties and dishes of a traditional palette, try to visit some of the festivals dedicated to food in September. You will be surprised by the variety of food and drink even if you consider yourself a good savant of the national culinary scene.

hrana srbija

When coming to Stara Pazova, you will be able to learn how the specific Serbian delicacies were influenced by German, Slovak, Austrian, and Hungarian cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the candy makers. Novi Sad has always been the center dedicated to Vojvodina culture and tradition. So, come here to try dishes such as “čušpajz” and “rinflajš”.

If you haven’t tried “svadbarski kupus” before (wedding cabbage), or you don’t know where to find quality one, stop by Mrčajevac where it is so perfected – that they even compete in cooking it.

hrana srbija

Serbia will also enchant you with a festival dedicated to pumpkin. They say that one can see all of Kikinda when climbing a local pumpkin!

And after you eat well and get full, head over to one of the beer festivals for a drink.


Visit one of the events and experience the flavors of Serbia:

Dani ludaje (Kikinda) 14-17. September

Ukusi Vojvodine (Novi Sad) 9-10. September

Kupusijada (Mrčajevci) 15-17. September

Niški festival zanatskog piva (Niš) 8-9. September

Novosadski okobarfest (Novi Sad) 6-7. October

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