September is not just a month when nature in Serbia dresses in yellowish colors but a period when winemakers head out to their vineyards. This is the time to pick grapes and celebrate the event.

berba grožđa srbija

There are various festivals dedicated to wine making in Serbia with some of the things one can only experience in September. Some towns tend to become a center for wine lovers when Župa, for instance, gets to be proud of its Wine Street and the town fountain is pouring – wine!

Knights and ladies of the court are walking along the central streets of Smederevo while Vršac is all about carnivals. Sremski Karlovci wine producers are the ones to open the local event and Oplenac and Topola are home to the traditional celebration dating back to the time of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević.

berba grožđa srbija

This is the month when one can find private wine cellars open to the public and a great opportunity to raise a glass of one of the best quality wines that are made in Serbia for centuries. Even landscapes look different when seen through the tall wine glass!

Visit any of manifestations:

58. Župa harvest (14-17. септембар)

Smederevo autumn (7-10-септембар)

"Grape ball" Vršac (14-17 септембар)

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