If you still haven’t visited Gornje Podunavlje, this summer is a great time to do so.

The Special Nature Reserve which spans territories of Apatin and Sombor, is a genuine oasis for 248 bird species – with some extremely rare ones; autochthonous forests, orchids, and water lilies. This is also the natural spawning ground for about 50 freshwater fish species. That is the reason the reserve is one of the first protected areas to receive the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and is part of the Bačko Podunavlje which was inscribed on the list of the biosphere reserve list by UNESCO.

gornje podunavlje kajak i labudovi

Locals come every day to exercise, run, walk, and relax on secluded sandy beaches. Backwaters, canals, ponds, and floodplain woodlands adorn Gornje Podunavlje which is why it is often referred to as the Serbian Amazon.

Visit the Karapandža Eco Center and find out what it feels like to glide along the water surface in a canoe or catamaran while rare birds fly above and a deer peaks among the trees. Find out why they say that the scenery is perfect to make you doze off.

gornje podunavlje

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