The regions along Danube rivers provide a specific summer experience in Serbia. Rivers’ fans don’t miss the opportunity to socialize over an ice cream, beach volleyball, or a drink while kids repeatedly ask to splash around for “another five minutes”.

  • Cane umbrellas and sunbeds along the stretch of sand add to a genuine summer ambiance which can be found in Kladovo near Đerdap Gorge. You can enjoy water skiing or paddling or just dozing off in the shade and listening to Danube waves splashing the shore.
  • So-called Serbian Thailand in Sremski Karlovci, an isle called Koh Chang resembling the one in Thailand. A sandy beach, a couple of cafés, peace with a Danube view, and you will get the feeling of being surrounded by the Thailand jungle.

sremski karlovci ostrvo

Photos by Djordje Radivojević
  • Veliko Ratno Island in Belgrade neighborhood Zemun is home to Lido Beach. The special flair comes from the fact that the island is protected and there are no commercial buildings. The place hosts various summer sports tournaments.
  • Probably the best known city beach in Serbia is Štrand in Novi Sad. Find out why it is a matter of prestige to have your own changing booth here.
  • An island on the Danube abundant with shallow waters at only about 12 kilometers from Belgrade? Oh yes, welcome to Forkontumac or Šveb which is home to Bela Stena beach. Close to the city but with the flair of the tropics!

lido zemun i štrand novi sad

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