The summer heat is best to be endured by visiting water parks in Serbia. You might have a vacation at the seaside but there are still two and a half months of serious heat to bear in urban areas.

aquapark raj vrnjačka banja

The simplest way to find some refreshments for the whole family is to go to one of the aquatic parks. Not only will it be a change of scenery which is always relaxing but it will also provide cooling down while kids will enjoy splashing around and toboggan sliding. Chances are that you won’t be able to resist “lazy rivers” or pool bars.

aquapark raj vrnjačka banja

Water parks in Serbia are often situated nearby towns and it will take an hour or two to get to one. Lifeguards can be found next to toboggans while parking lots are usually free of charge. Expect crowds on weekends and reduced entrance fees in the afternoon on working days.

While sitting in the office with the air-conditioning working non-stop, just imagine a pleasant hydro massage that could take away that pain in your neck. There are certain water parks where you can even indulge in a Turkish bath.

  1. Aquapark Raj
  2. Aquapark Hollywood
  3. Petroland aquapark
  4. Aquapark „Podina“
  5. Aquapark Jagodina
  6. S klub Jakovo
  7. Aquapark „Vidik“
  8. Aquapark „Izvor“
  9. Aquapark Terme Ždrelo
  10. Aquapark Ub
  11. Aquapark Doljevac

 aquapark raj vrnjačka banja

 Photos by Aquapark Raj

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