If you haven’t tried via Ferrata, it is time to do so in some of the prettiest parts of Serbia. It might seem demanding but the climb lasts long enough so that people with all fitness levels can finish it.

via ferata srbija

  • Imagine climbing for three hours at the height it might get tricky looking down from with soar arms and legs, and finally ending up at the top of Mučanj at an altitude of 1,534 meters! All the fatigue will disappear with the spectacular view from the summit.
  • When visiting Ovčar Banja, you’ll find out why the cave you are trying to climb to is called Turčinovac. This via Ferrata is short and ideal for beginners. The experience is also a good way to free oneself from the fear of heights. Find out why this via Ferrata is different than others.
  • Renting equipment and a guide is possible in Gornjak near Ždrelo. This is a sport Ferrata equipped with a steal cable with no artificial treads. That is the reason it is considered more demanding and difficult. Still, the rough rock is easy to grip. The last section is completely vertical.
  • Via Ferrata Lipovac near Aleksinac is situated on the rock above St Stefan Monastery. Adrenaline activities lovers often continue to hike toward Leskovik, the highest peak of Ozren Mountain at an altitude of 1,174 meters after climbing up. The view up there is fantastic.
  • Berim is another adventure place near Zubin Potok representing one of the longest via Ferratas in the world. Find out about its length and what it is like to hang over a couple of hundred-meter abys. 

via ferata srbija

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