An unusual accommodation became popular worldwide in recent years. Serbia follows the trend and offers its portion of peculiar guesthouses and inns so that you can discover your favorite destinations from a different angle.

el paso

A lot of us visited Zlatibor but did you stay in an Indian wigwam next to the outdoor fire or had a drink at the cowboy saloon with horses left outside? If you have already been to Zasavica, you can now get closer to nature in a different way. Your hosts will welcome you to detox from all the modern digital gadgets. This is the place to experience what it is like when people are behind the fence while animals run freely.

buzzoffski zasavica

These unusual accommodations will provide all the necessary facilities for a modern tourist regardless of the wildlife peeking through your window. If you go to Međuvršje near Čačak, you’ll find that the cottage is so nicely incorporated into the landscape that you won’t be able to discern its shape. If you like being next to the water, Bezdan is another interesting option. Spend some time taking a ride in a catamaran along Veliki Bački Kanal with a reflection of the sun against the surface.

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