We celebrate Danube Day on June 29, the river that connects four capitals and 10 countries. It flows for 588 kilometers through Serbia and one of the ways to enjoy it is to take part in the cycling route EUROVelo 6.

The 667-kilometer route will take you from Bački Breg, via Apatin, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Stara Palanka, Ram, Golubac, and Kladovo, to Bregovo near the border with Bulgaria. The bike will take you to the Petrovaradin Clock to find out why the longer clock handle points to hours and the shorter one to minutes.

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Did you know that the longest bridge spanning the Danube is situated in Serbia or that the old lighthouses on the river built by Austro-Hungary in 1909 are now only to be seen in our country?

The June weather can sometimes be rainy which may bring light refreshment while cycling and passing by the medieval fortress in Golubac. Take a break here, renew your water supplies, and find out where the Danube is the narrowest and the widest in Serbia. This is where you will discover the largest Danube gorge in Europe. While enjoying the view of Veliki and Mali Kazan, the elevation might also come easier.

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