Theatre lovers will be thrilled to welcome another Sterijino Pozorje season which takes place from May 26 to June 3 in Novi Sad. We are in for a lot of good performances, new directorial achievements, and striking plays.

There will be some modern stories but those written by Branislav Nušić as well, and lots of guests from Slovenia, Banja Luka, and Montenegro. Find out why this year's festival will be opened by the opera Children written by Milena Marković and directed by Irena Popović, and what Kokan Mladenović and Nikola Zavišić's new plays are like.

You may not know that there are special programs that accompany the festival like the International Triennale of Theatre in the Art of Photography gathering photographs inspired by the auditorium.

Take a step out of your routine for a week. This is a good chance to perhaps come to Novi Sad for a short break, see a few performances, and enjoy visiting tourist attractions of the city that was deservedly declared the European Cultural Capital for 2022.

sterijino pozorje

Phot by Aleksandar Milutinović

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