You may think that there are no real adrenaline activities in the city. But what if we tell you that you can have your blood boiling in sharp curves or high up in the sky?

For instance, try carting tracks. Whether going to Ada Huja, five kilometers from the city center and below Karaburma, or to Autokomerc on the way to Belgrade’s airport, you’ll be in for an exciting drive along the 800-meter track. This is the best way to celebrate your child’s birthday in accordance with safety instructions or immerse into a race with your friends with screeching tires and sharp curves.

video material Kartland (Ada Huja)

Not exciting enough? Then you’ll love the parachute dive in Lisičiji Jarak. They say that this adventure changes your view of the world. So true, given that you probably didn’t see it – from this angle. No previous experience is required because you’ll jump with an instructor.

So, you take a short plane ride, the door opens, and you feel a chilling air coming in. When you look down, tiny houses can be discerned – and then you jump. Falling for 60 seconds at 200 meters per hour!

padobranstvo lisiciji jarak

- photos by Padobranski centar Beograd

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