If you haven’t visited Gostuša yet, it’s time to do so. Not just because Stara Planina nature where the village is located, is stunning but because this Stone Village is somewhat specific.


Only 25 kilometers from Pirot at an altitude of 700 meters, small houses are scattered around. The place was once inhabited by 1,500 people while its population today is barely a hundred. There are no more masons who built those houses without plaster or any other binding material. They constructed them exclusively out of the natural materials they could find in the area while covering them with stone slabs. So, the whole house was made of stone – and not just one or two of them, but the whole village.

That is one of the reasons Gostuša still stands. Also, they say that this is one of the oldest settlements in the Pirot area given the nearby Roman fortress finds.

Visiting Gostuša can be a genuine journey through time.


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