September is the month that marks a new school year, students, new knowledge, letters... An ideal opportunity and time to visit the native village of the reformer of the Serbian language and writing - Vuk Stefanović Karadzić .

For the second year in a row, Tršić was chosen as one of the three villages that will represent Serbia in the competition for the best tourist village in the world. The tradition of the most visited village in Serbia lasts much longer. It attracts guests with its rich cultural and tourist offer. That's why Tršić also represents a kind of an open-air museum.

It comprises of the Museum of Languages and Letters, Gallery, Guest House, Calligraphy Workshop, Museum of Vukov sabor, Writers‘ House, St. Archangel Michael‘s Wooden Church, outhouses for Old Crafts Workshops. As a separate entity within the complex, Vuk's estate stands out, where the Memorial House is located.

During the summer and every sunny weekend, Tršić is a favorite picnic spot for the people of Loznica. Throughout the year, it should be a place of reminiscing, learning and enjoying natural beauty.

Experience Tršić, one of the most beautiful villages in Serbia. Perhaps it will soon take the title of the most beautiful village in the world.

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