Travel and connectivity week EXPO Dubai 2020

Serbia Pavilion, 9-14th January 2022

Visit us at Serbia Pavilion during Travel and Connectivity Week at EXPO Dubai 2020 and experience a unique blend of traditional and modern.

Win a trip to Serbia

Take part in the quiz that will be held inside the Pavilion every day at 5 pm (except on 11th January) and win a trip to Serbia.


Performances by artists:

Folk ensemble Saint George     

Five dancing couples with a four-member orchestra will perform Kolo, Serbian national dance, inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. They will also present traditional singing, teach visitors dance steps of Kolo, present decorative jewelry and elements of traditional costumes which visitors will be able to take pictures with.


Danijela Veselinović

Danijela is the first and only female leader of a Serbian brass band. She plays brass versions of traditional Serbian and foreign popular music.


Electric violinist & DJ duo Mina and Tijana 

By combining live violin and DJ together they add an extra dimension to a blend of global music keeping the party atmosphere.



Gusle player 

He will be making and playing Gusle, a musical instrument inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage, the flute, doubles, and ocarina.

Event timetable 

9-14th January 2022

Arts & Crafts Corner

Join us in front of the Pavilion at our arts & crafts point where you can learn to make a modeling clay souvenir, get your name written in the Cyrillic alphabet, and get familiar with the process of hand-made making of traditional music instruments.


Photo Booth

Take a piece of Serbia with you! Try our photo, gif, and boomerang booth, every day inside the Pavilion.  

Virtual Reality

On the second floor of the Pavilion, you can experience our country in VR. We’ll spice it up by adding the VR exhibition of street art in the VR space on the innovative VR ALL ART platform with over 40 art pieces.