What do Prokuplje, Leskovac, Kuršumlija, Lebane, Medvedja and Bojnik have in common? A desire. To improve the tourist offer, build roads and preserve nature in order to make their destinations more attractive for tourists.

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Southern Serbia has a lot to offer. Inescapable destinations, however, are not easily reachable due to the infrastructure. Therefore, visits to these sites must be well-planned. Important news for both the tourists and the hosts - the construction of the road across Radan Mountain has begun, which will halve the travel time between Jablanica and Toplica districts.

The new route will connect Devil‘s Town - one of the rare natural phenomena caused by soil erosion - with important archeological sites Pločnik, near Prokuplje, and Justiniana Prima (Empress City) near Lebane. Tourists will be able to equally enjoy the thermal springs and healing waters of Sijarinska Banja Spa, Prolom Banja Spa and Lukovska Banja Spa, which will be much closer. From one destination to another, they will travel through the untouched landscapes of Radan Mountain.

The new road brings novelties to destinations as well. In Toplica, on the hill Hisar above the town of Prokuplje, a summer stage will be built in a medieval fortress. The announcement of the renovation of Justiniana Prima (Empress City) near Lebane indicates the Government is investing in tourist potentials. Works on conservation, restoration, infrastructural equipment and arrangement of the site are planned, in order to qualify for the UNESCO list. Another hill called Hisar, but the one in Leskovac, can count on a lookout point with a view of the city and its surroundings.

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