A place filled with legends, where magic and reality combine and you can experience the mystique. There, on the mountain Rtanj, you can experience nature, May flowers carpet, the smell of meadow freshness, rarely found anywhere else.


Sung in songs as the seat of Serbian gods, with a perfect pyramid shape, a mountain that rises from the plains of eastern Serbia, from the top of which it is said that you can see the confluence of the Sava and the Danube – natural mystery that you should discover this spring.

Although people come to this mountain to rest and regain strength, few can anticipate the effectiveness of the Rtanj nature. Eye relaxing landscapes, a challenge for all those who want to conquer heights and experience even more beautiful views.

A special way to experience Rtanj is to get to know its flora and fauna. The number of people who want such an adventure increases. Accompanied by a guide, or on their own, they get acquainted with the healing, aesthetic, aromatic effects of many species that adorn this mountain.

May is the perfect month to embark on a trip like this.

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