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Experience the most beautiful view

It is easier to see all the beauty of Serbia from the heights. 

Numerous peaks offer a view of rivers and their meanders, valleys, dense forests, vast expanses. Out of the dozens of magnificent viewpoints in Serbia, we suggest a few you should not miss to take a look from this spring.

 uvac vidikovac

    1. The lookouts on Tara mountain are widely known and famous. We know them from the most beautiful photos, series and postcards. Many have experienced them up close. The view from Banjska stena, Osluša or Sokolarica is just an additional motivation for nature lovers to return to Tara and find themselves in the embrace of nature of this national park again.

    2. When it comes to one of the most recognizable views, a view of the Uvac River Canyon is certainly high on the list. The winding meander through beautiful nature is a stunning image that delights both those who see it for the first time and those who always return to this lookout. It also amazed the world, so this destination is one of the most sought after among foreign guests.

    3. Ploče viewpoint the most beautiful view of the Danube. The freshness of nature, the exciting winding of the river, rare plants and rich wildlife. All this awaits you in Djerdap National Park. An unforgettable view of the Danube and the Kazan gorges- Mali and Veliki Kazan. Also, from this lookout, you can see Trajan's Plaque, Latin letters carved into the rock, dedicated to the Roman emperor Trajan.

    4. Unforgettable, and soon to be spectacular, view from Mount Kablar. At almost 900 meters above the sea level, there is a viewpoint with a view of the meanders of the West Morava River, the neighboring Mount Ovčar and the beautiful Ovčar Banja Spa. The sole traveling to this peak is an experience. A ride through the gorge, an encounter with history carved into the rocks, a reminder of the legends associated with this mountain. According to one of the legends, Saint Sava also walked its trails. The view from Kablar is memorable, and judging by the plans, we will soon be able to have an even better experience. Namely, a unique glass viewpoint is currently under construction on this mountain.

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