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Picturesque beauty in every frame

Every trip is engraved in the memory, and the best moments remain captured in the photos as well. We choose certain destinations precisely because of photography, and you can pin numerous locations on the map for the photo safari tours of Serbia. In addition to the beauty captured by the objective, such places provide a close encounter with flora and fauna, indigenous species and unreal scenes that true nature lovers know how to appreciate.

Visiting Uvac, for example, is a unique opportunity to see, record and photograph our largest bird with magnificent wings of almost three meters. 

You will feel the power of nature in yet another Special Nature Reserve - Zasavica. Endless herds of domestic animals, but also the encounter of man with the wild. Your camera will capture a wild cat, deer or beaver. A special pleasure is the photo safari on a boat through the densely intertwined water lilies.

Vastness and energy are waiting for you at every step on the Stolovi mountain, where herds of wild horses roam freely.

Experience the encounter with the largest population of European deer in Serbia in the Upper Danube region.

You mustn’t take some safaris alone. Do not go to meet a brown bear without serious preparation and a professional guide. Rangers of Tara National Park can make this adventure unique and above all safe.

Choose to remember this summer with the most beautiful photos!

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