Imagine a panoramic wheel you probably saw on postcards in great cities of the world. One of those is installed in Vrnjačka Banja, one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. It is 50 meters high making it the biggest in the region!

panoramski točak vrnjačka banja

The wheel is situated in the park next to the mineral water spring Jezero. It is easy to reach and you can go for a ride while having a walk along the park's paths. It has 32 air-conditioned cabins, is open every day, and provides a beautiful view of Vrnjačka Banja from above.

While the wheel turns slowly, you'll have a chance to enjoy the landscapes. Find out why they say that the experience is just like stepping out of a postcard.

The panorama wheel is going to be a true attraction even for those who already visited Vrnjačka Banja since it now houses another great landmark.

panoramski točak vrnjačka banja

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