Belgrade Dance Festival celebrates two decades this year with a few of its promoters being born the same year the event started. As always, it will showcase a view of modern society, various dance moves, and themes. A certain combination of human motion and virtual technology will welcome us on March 8.

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This is the time to come to Balkan Cinema where the Paris Ball will take place all day every day from March 8 to 12. A single performance can only be viewed by a dozen visitors at a time.

Citizens of Belgrade and their guests will enjoy a choreography accompanied by Johan Sebastian Bach music, acrobatics where the unstable ground disappears, male dancers inspired by the Um Kaltum voice, and a great flamenco star spectacle.

beogradski festival igre

The main program starts on March 17 and lasts until April 13 with a slogan saying “Together, we celebrate dance”. Citizens of Belgrade will move from the Film Festival in March to Dance Festival – you’ll know where to find them.

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