Why should one welcome this year’s spring in Čačak? Because this is when an opening ceremony of the National Capital of Culture for 2023, named Čačanska Rodna, will take place.

cacak - nacionalna prestonica kulture

As the first cultural capital in Serbia, Čačak will be abundant with events welcoming art lovers. If you are a cinema fan, you’ll get to learn about Sonja Savić who was born in this town. Painting fans will be thrilled by the Nadežda Petrović legacy who also originated from Čačak. The 2023 program will take you through open-air classical music concerts, photography, theater shows, and the future Basketball Museum given that Dragan Kićanović also comes from Čačak.

The name Čačanska Rodna is a reference to the area itself. This is the name of the certain kind of plum Čačak region is rich with and locals make rakija from.

So, this year Čačak offers a mixture of culture and tradition on the banks of Zapadna Morava.

cacak - nacionalana prestonica kulture

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