Свечана додела награде Туристички цвет 15. децембра 2022. године


The remains of the medieval city rise where nature tames the Djetinja, where the river flows out of the gorge and flows into a calm basin. The Old Town Fortress is a trademark and a tourist asset of Užice.

Demolished and rebuilt throughout history, then neglected, its old glory has finally been restored. After conservation and reconstruction, then the construction of two floors and a tower, the Old Town Fortress of Užice attracts numerous visitors. Free entrance is offered this autumn, and it is open every day except Tuesday.

From the walls of the Old Town, you can see the Djetinja River canyon, through which the famous train called Ćira used to travel. The first Green Trail in Serbia has now been established along the railroad route, ideal for walking and cycling.

užice tvrđava

Those who reach the end of the trail will see "Stapark", a replica of the Neolithic settlement of Gradina which remains were found in the canyon. Stapark offers a rich program that approaches and explains the life of Neolithic people through the production and processing of ceramics, bones, leather, weapons... This year the workshops are free.

Experience Serbia through a time machine - from the Neolithic, through the Middle Ages to the modern era.

užice neolitsko naselje

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