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Even though the Danube flows close to Sombor, the appearance of the city was more influenced by the Mississippi. At the beginning of the 20th century, nettle arrived from the valley of that American river. A deciduous tree that makes Sombor the greenest town in Serbia.



Sombor is a city of squares and parks, ideal for a relaxing vacation and long autumn walks. For those who get tired, there is a carriage with horses. Another symbol of the city that evokes memories of the past.

The architecture was shaped by the rich history and intertwined influences of numerous peoples who inhabited the Bačka region for centuries. That is why Sombor never leaves anyone indifferent with its appearance. Those who decide to visit it this autumn should not miss Sombor County Hall - a building that counts the number of rooms as there are days in a year. One of them preserves the largest painting in Serbia - the famous work "The Battle of Senta".

The City Hall, which has been declared a cultural asset of great importance can also not be left out. The culture of the city is preserved in the City Museum with 40,000 exhibits.

Sombor entices not only with its appearance, but also with its tastes. From the richness of its gastronomy, beef and fish stews stand out as recognizable gourmet foods of the region.

Experience the colors and flavors of Sombor, experience Serbia!


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