Christmas and New Year Holidays in Belgrade

Spend Christmas and New Year holidays in Belgrade, and have a unique New Year’s Eve experience in our Capital. We offer a selection of events from Belgrade’s rich event calendar:

The New Year celebration usually starts in one of the Belgrade cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and lasts till the early morning hours. In Belgrade party continues tomorrow when you should take a stroll to Svetogorska Street which in this occasion turns into the Open Heart Street. On this day, the 1st of January, in a carnival atmosphere adults drink boiled wine and rakija, congratulating New Year to each other, while children enjoy the numerous entertainment programs.

On 7th of January, citizens celebrate an Orthodox Christmas. On this day, you should visit one of the Orthodox temples, where the tradition of celebrating this religious holiday has not changed for centuries: the Temple of St. Sava ( on the Vračar Plateau, Church of Saint Marko or the Church of the Ascension, known for one of the best church choirs in Serbia.

If you want to experience the Serbian New Year in Belgrade, on January 13th you need to make a reservation at one of the inns or cafes.  A visit to Skadarlija should be mandatory on this occasion. Skadarska Street is cobbled in stone, with inns in small houses, most of them originating from the 19th century, traditional cuisine, live music and an atmosphere to remember.

As Belgrade in the summer is known for the scent of linden-trees spreading across the city, the winter here smells of hot pastries. During the earliest morning you can witness the gathering of the early risers, waiting to buy hot pastries in the numerous pastry shops in the city.

On January 19th, on the Orthodox holiday Epiphany, the dive for the icy Epiphany cross is organized on Ada Ciganlija. Despite January being the coldest month of the year, this event always attracts a large number of competitors, and spectators.

In Belgrade you can enjoy ice skating in the winter, in the number of skating rinks out in the open and other recreation centers.

During holidays don’t miss shopping in Belgrade shopping centers where New Year sales offer good discounts. You should also visit some of Belgrade galleries, enjoy in theaters and exhibitions, or attend some of the numerous traditional events in Belgrade.

Further information: Tourist Organization of Belgrade

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