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Popular young Serbian actor Miloš Biković is the face of the new marketing campaign by national carrier of the Republic of Serbia

Popular young Serbian actor Miloš Biković is the face of the new marketing campaign by national carrier of the Republic of Serbia. The campaign, under the slogan "Have it your way", aims to present all of the advantages of personalized travel with Air Serbia. 

“In this new campaign, we wish to ensure our passengers are more acquainted with the numerous options at their disposal, designed to allow them to fully personalize their travel and create a journey to their liking and needs. We believe we have found the right way to go about exceeding the expectations of our passengers in terms of their travel with Air Serbia. We will continue to improve our services based on the recognized needs and desires of our passengers, while preserving the elements Air Serbia is known for, such as the traditional Serbian hospitality", Air Serbia's CEO Duncan Naysmith stated at the occasion.

Miloš Biković has been cast to play several leading roles in Air Serbia's new campaign. He is certain the campaign will be well liked by the carrier's passengers.

“Needless to say, it is my great pleasure to go from a regular Air Serbia passenger to the face of its new campaign. I am looking forward to helping passengers better understand the airfare tariff system our national carrier has introduced. I have been fond of flying since I can remember, while the airplanes themselves have become my regular means of transportation nowadays due to the nature of my calling. Ever since it was established five years ago, Air Serbia has been my airline of choice, primarily because of its kind and congenial employees who raise the level of service to a much higher level", the well-liked and known actor said.

Passengers of Air Serbia can choose between four airfare tariffs when booking their flights - Economy Light, Economy Standard, Economy Comfort and Business All Inclusive - differ in terms of checked baggage allowance, date change flexibility and ancillary services that can be adapted to one's needs. Upon selecting their tariff of choice, the passengers of the Serbian national carrier can purchase ancillary services, such as priority boarding, advanced seat selection or Premium Lounge access, at any time before their flight. Numerous possibilities and a wide range of products have been created and improved, so each passenger can travel on Air Serbia to its liking each and every time. 

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