About Serbia

Welcome to Serbia!

Serbia, situated at the very heart of the Balkan peninsula, where the paths of many peoples and civilisations have crossed since ancient times, is a country undergoing rapid cultural, economic and commercial development.
Get to know Serbia at one of its many art, music and gastronomic festivals or even at one of its sport events.
Research Serbia’s rich cultural and historic heritage; enjoy the diverse architecture and the unique urban pulse of Serbian cities. Learn more about the history of these parts by visiting archaeological sites, medieval monasteries, fortresses or some of the many museums.
Whether the backdrop of your ideal holiday includes relaxation and gentle plains or adrenaline rushes and mighty mountain peaks, Serbia will ensure all your dreams come true.Embark on an adventure by tackling the cycling and hiking trails, climbing the highest mountains, rafting down thrilling rivers or discovering Serbia from a bird’s eye view and paragliding.
Spend the winter on Serbia’s snow-covered mountains and enjoy skiing, sledding and other winter activities.
Find relief from the stress of the daily grind in one of the many rural retreats, where you will be able to rest in an authentic environment and learn to live in harmony with yourself and with nature.
Peek inside our country’s national parks and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, which are home to rare and endangered plant and animal species.
You are sure to leave Serbia’s spas smiling, rejuvenated from the massages, saunas, baths in mineral rich pools and other spa treatments.
Regardless of whether your stay in Serbia encompasses days, weeks or months, we guarantee you will relish every moment spent in our country.