6. June 2012

The Soulfood Serbia event in Stockholm

On May 16, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia organized a Soulfood Serbia event in Stockholm. The presentation of Serbia’s gastronomy in the capital of Sweden, which was held in the “Jakthornet“ restaurant, attracted more than 90 journalists, tour operators, and the corps diplomatique representatives, who enjoyed in culinary specialties from Serbia, prepared by renown Serbian international award wining chef Mr. Zoran Mišković. To take a glimpse of the ambience at the event, please check the photos, courtesy of photo-journalist Mr. Bárány Tibor.

Photo journalist Mr. Bárány Tibor, specialized in culinary related topics and chef Mr. Zoran Mišković

The restaurant’s owner Mr. Stamenko Kandić with his wife, and the Ambassador of Serbia in Sweden Mr. Dušan Crnogorčević

Well known TV person and conférencier of the event Mr. Slađan Osmanagić

From left to right: Representative of the National Tourism Organisation for Scandinavia Mr. Predrag Rolović, Serbia’s PR in Sweden Mr. Carl Magnus Hedin, actress Ms. Jelena Mila, well known TV person and conférencier of the event Mr. Slađan Osmanagić, and  chef Mr. Zoran Mišković

Some delicious Serbian culinary specialties served

Selected wines, honey wine, plum brandy, and beer from Serbia

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