14. August 2012

Serbia at the bird fair

For the first time, Serbia will be presenting its birdwatching offer on the Bird Fair in Rutland, UK, on August 17-19 2012.

At the stand no 56, marque 4, there will be representatives of NTO Serbia and incoming tour operator Magelan (BirdwatchSerbia.rs). The offer will include weekend programmes and 7-10 programmes as well as autumn and spring programmes to visit Serbia together with “The Urban Birder” David Lindo who was astonished with Serbia and started promoting it.

On Saturday, August 18th, David will have a presentation about his birdwatching experiences in Serbia. With over 300 species that occur regularly and 260 breed, the country is continually becoming more and more popular to birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

In the past few years, more birdwatchers are coming from abroad to see the owls. Last year, the small town of Kikinda, at the north-east of the country, had been proclaimed for the world capital of owls. During the winter period at the center of the town you can count over 700 owls! In entire Serbia, Long-eared Owls are so common that no one thought that they can be interesting for birdwatchers!



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